superman n supergirl

there are no words,to pain a picture of you boy
your eyes those curve,it like you from some other world
you walkin my way,OH GOD is so frustrating
so why do i disapper when you come near its make feel so small
and why do i blow my lines most everytime,like i got no chance at all

if i could be your supergirl
i fly you to the star and back again
and everytime you tounch my hand
i can feel my power runing through your veins
but i can only write this song and;
tell you that i'm not strong
cause i'm not supergirl
i hope you like me as i am <3

it ain't no lies,i have to tell you how i feel
but each time that i try,it gets a little more unreal
you say my name,OH GOD i can;t stop shaking
so why do i disapper when you comenear its make feel so small
and if i could read your mind,boy would i find any trace of me at all..